Certificate in Commercial Property Valuation (英文)

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Professional valuations are vital to a healthy property/asset market, forming the basis of performance analysis, financing decisions, transactional or development advice, dispute resolution, taxation and various statutory applications.


  • Describe the context of the property market
  • Give an overview of the leasing process and its effect on valuation
  • Explain the valuation approach to leaseholds and premiums
  • Outline the International Valuation Standards and the RICS Valuation – Professional Standards
  • Implement the appropriate methodology for valuing properties on the basis of trading potential
  • Use the discounted cash flow valuation technique
  • Prepare valuations of development land using appropriate methodologies
  • Calculate risks yield, initial yield, equivalent yield and equated yield
  • Describe the concept of synergistic value and how to provide valuations for purchase and sale between landlord and tenant
  • State how uncertainty and accuracy applies to valuation, and the valuer’s responsibility in reporting uncertainty
  • Convert rents on different payment patterns and lease periods
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    This advanced level course has been designed to provide the knowledge required to become a registered valuer, including the application of International Valuation Standards and in particular the RICS Red Book.

    Course Benefits

    The course provides the skills required to prepare reasoned valuations of a range of commercial property for purchase, sale, investment, rent review, lease renewal, mortgage lending and accounts. The course will also enable candidates to examine the effect of international requirements and valuation standards on valuation practice.

    Who is this course for?

    Suitable for delegates with around 3 years’ experience carrying out practical valuations and are looking to develop your commercial property valuation experience to an advanced level, then this course will support you in gaining the required practical knowledge of applying valuation standards.

    Course Content

    This course is made of up of 12 units delivered across a 6 month period. The technical units covered within this course are listed below:

    • Unit 1 - Property investment opportunities
    • Unit 2 - Apply the relevant professional standards
    • Unit 3 - Prepare and adapt spread-sheets for valuations and analysis of sales
    • Unit 4 - Sale prices, lease terms and their effect on value
    • Unit 5 - Investment method – traditional approach and techniques
    • Unit 6 - Leasehold valuations and how premiums are calculated
    • Unit 7 - Investment method discounted cash flow techniques
    • Unit 8 - Income statements of properties valued
    • Unit 9 - Valuations of development land using appropriate methodologies
    • Unit 10 - The concept of synergistic value
    • Unit 11 - How contamination and other matters affect value
    • Unit 12 - Valuation uncertainty and valuation accuracy

    For more information on the topics covered within each module, please download the course guide.

    Please note:

    The start date is subject to change depending on number of attendees for this course and at the discretion of RICS. If you select the wrong start date you must notify us within 14 days of purchase to move to the correct group. Any requests outside of this date are chargeable.


    下次课程日期: 2016.03.23

    课程有效期: 180 Days

    语言: 英语

    课程类别: 商业地产

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    非会员价格: ¥9,387.00

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