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141.51 CNY

0.5 Hours Formal CPD

Getting your message across in an email is essential in business communication. Write effective emails easily in order to avoid lengthy email correspondence by running through a few simple steps…


  • Write a short e-mail with a clear and precise objective
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    Course description

    Emails are slowly becoming the main mean of written communication in the business word. Enhancing the clarity of your message can save you time as well as reduce lengthy email threads. This course will help you to write short emails with clear objectives by teaching you how to differentiate between effective and ineffective emails and to state your points precisely. You will learn how to structure an email and choose an appropriate subject line.

    Target audience

     All professionals.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    • Definition of an ineffective e-mail.
    • Stating a clear objective.
    • Structuring an e-mail. Choosing an appropriate e-mail subject.


    课程有效期: 90 Days

    语言: 英语

    课程类别: 领导力·商务技能

    会员价格: ¥141.51

    非会员价格: ¥141.51