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141.51 CNY

0.5 Hours Formal CPD

In an increasingly complex global and financial environment, understanding how to interpret financial data is important in improving your dialogue and contribution to corporate strategy.


  • Identify the financial analysis process
  • Calculate and interpret the key ratios of financial analysis
  • Engage an effective dialogue with bankers and financial markets by using sources of information that provide a rating or scoring for your company
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    Course description

    Discover the basics of financial analysis, using ratios to help with financial analysis and detecting additional sources of information for financial market stakeholders. You will also gain insight into the scoring and rating from the perspective of banks and financial markets.

    This course will help you to master key financial analysis ratios and evaluation models, allowing you to knowledgeably discuss your contributions to company strategy.

    Target audience

    • All professionals.

    Course content

    This e-learning course contains the following:

    • Mastering the basics of financial analysis
    • Using ratios to help with financial analysis
    • Detecting additional sources of information for financial market stakeholders
    • Understanding scoring and rating: the external view of banks and financial markets


    课程有效期: 90 Days

    语言: 英语

    课程类别: 领导力·商务技能

    会员价格: ¥141.51

    非会员价格: ¥141.51