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企业房地产基本原理 (英文课程)

566.00 CNY

3.0 Hours Formal CPD

该在线学习课程由RICS与CoreNet Global(全球地产企业地产协会)合作提供,解释企业房地产管理相关的基本概念及原理。CoreNet Global 是全球最大的地产协会,为企业房地产人士、地产服务商及经济开发师提供专业咨询服务。                                               


  • Understand the essentials of corporate real estate
  • Comprehend the corporate real estate lifecycle and its role within the organization
  • Explore corporate real estate careers, roles and opportunities
  • Identify and discuss trends and issues
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    Course Benefits

    This e-learning course helps participants learn the basic skills and knowledge needed to work in or with corporate real estate. Learners may complete modules within the course to target specific needs or complete the entire course for a comprehensive overview.

    Upon completion of the modules, participants will have the opportunity to take an assessment to qualify for a certificate of achievement. This requires correctly answering 80% of the questions. Multiple attempts are allowed.

    Who is this course for?

    The CoRE Fundamentals course is ideal for professionals who need to quickly assimilate the essentials of corporate real estate (CRE):

    • Those new to the industry
    • Cross functional teams – Human Resources, IT, finance, facilities and office management
    • Related professions – architects, designers, brokers

    Course Content

    The e-learning course consists of three one-hour modules that provide a comprehensive overview of corporate real estate. Participants can focus on specific areas of interest or complete all modules to fast track their knowledge of the industry. The course consists of:

    • Module 1: Corporate Real Estate: What's It All About – Describes the structure, key activities and internal relationships of the corporate real estate organization
    • Module 2: Corporate Real Estate Lifecycle – Provides a snapshot view of the corporate real estate life cycle and how to strategically plan and manage it as a CRE professional
    • Module 3: Trends and Issues – Addresses key issues including globalization, technology, sustainability and the enterprise business model

    The modules are interactive with multiple choice online test to help you gauge your understanding of the content.

    Purchasing Information

    You will be asked to complete payment in order to enrol onto this course. Enrolment is activated through completing the payment process by clicking the 'Buy Now' button. Upon payment, you will be able to access the content for the enrolment period through clicking on the 'Enter Area' button.


    课程有效期: 180 Days

    语言: 英语

    课程类别: 商业地产

    会员价格: ¥566.00

    非会员价格: ¥566.00