by RICS China Membership Team

08 Feb 2017


全球标准 统一交付


今年我们用视频系统,和RICS英国总部的会员团队进行连线。总部会员团队解说了目前APC评核全球的情况,并与中国考官进行了互动。培训覆盖了工料测量、项目管理、设施管理、估价、商用物业、管理咨询、建筑测量等主要专业,内容集中在新版2017 APC评核指南、考生信息提交、面试、案例分析、报告等部分。并且,考官们对APC目的,吸纳会员,考官团队安排,考官角色,APC面试结构,提问技巧等话题进行了热烈的讨论。各专业的小组讨论也加强了APC评核的专业水平。




RICS Assessor Refresher Training is to ensure the consistent delivery of the updated assessment standards to the assessors who contributed the obligation on APC assessment quarterly and the new assessment candidates. The Assessor refresher training will be held annually at the first half financial year.

Assessors are required to dedicate themselves to offer to complete 6 assessments per annum.       We’ll do our best to allocate the sufficient assessors which subject to their availabilities to the APC assessment panel to meet the quantity demand of the APC candidates.

The assessor refresher training of 4 districts in financial year 16-17 have been completed. We’ve received numerous positive feedbacks from assessors, that trainings were successful and effective.


The data summaries of the assessor refresher trainings are in the figure below:


 Completion Date

 No. of Attendees



 25 Nov


 Liang Jin FRICS


 10 D


 Dr Xu Jinliang



 3 Dec


 Dr Xu Jinliang



 16 Dec


 Dr Xu Jinliang




For the first time, a video conference had been conducted during the training which allowed our accessors to have an interaction with the RICS UK membership team. The RICS globe assessment status had been updated to our assessors.

The major pathway topics like QS\PM\FM\VAL\CP\MC\BS are well covered through the training.

All trainings were focused on updated information of 2017 APC assessment guidance, candidates submission, professional interview, case studies, referral report writing. Some topics like the objectives of APC, various routes to attain membership, panel operation, roles of assessor, the APC interview structure, questioning tips and techniques etc. had been discussed.

Group/ Panel discussion in each pathway strengthen the professional grasp of the main points during the APC assessment.

RICS 工料测量实践与技能入会精选课程 – APC途径


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