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20 Dec 2016





  • 全球宏观趋势对建筑环境的影响。面对破坏性变化,我们应采取什么策略以创造和维持活跃的房地产市场,以及为基础设施和建筑需求提供资金?
  • “一带一路”倡议将是峰会的重要参照点。世界领先的门户城市和中国城市可从“一带一路”所经城市中吸取什么教训?
  • 中国城市如何吸引投资以及这些城市如何在中國对外直接投资基础设施和房地产方面进行全球竞争?




The next Annual Summit of the World Built Environment Forum takes place 27-28 March 2017 in Shanghai. The Summit is a unique meeting place for key figures representing all aspects of the built environment sector. It offers a powerful blend of thought leadership and practical application. 


Industry leaders, decision makers, practitioners and experts from real estate, infrastructure and construction will come together to discuss the most pressing challenges facing the sector, with a particular focus on Asia: 

  • The impact of global macro trends on the built environment. What strategies should we adopt to take account of disruptive changes in order to create and sustain vibrant real estate markets, and to fund infrastructure and construction needs? 
  • The One Belt One Road programme will be the key reference point. What lessons do the world’s leading gateway cities, and cities in China hold for cities along the Belt and Road.
  • How can Chinese cities attract investment and how can cities globally compete for Chinese foreign direct investment in infrastructure and real estate?


We are delighted to announce that the Opening Keynote will be delivered by Dr Wang Wen, Executive Dean, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. The Institute is a central source of advice to the Chinese Government on the development of One Belt One Road. 












What is the World Built Environment Forum?

The World Built Environment Forum is a global network of built environment professionals and their stakeholders aimed at combining knowledge, skills and resources in order to create and manage the built environment that global populations need. It sets the standard for dialogue and co-operation that is vital for the sector by taking leading research and insight to develop leading solutions.  


The Forum consists of an online community of built environment leaders, an Annual Summit and a series of related regional conferences in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Key global themes for the Forum are:

• migration and urbanisation

• housing supply and affordability

• infrastructure and resilience

• technology and data

• climate, carbon & resource scarcity

• responsible growth





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2016/17 RICS精选活动

RICS会议活动中心致力于策划和组织高品质权威性专业论坛及会议,促进产业的专业化国际化发展,为行业专业人士搭建交流与合作平台。会议将邀请国内外行业领袖,最大限度为您提供演讲嘉宾,参会嘉宾的交流机会,为工料测量师、造价工程师、项目经理、开发商和承包商创造合作契机,找到最佳合作伙伴。 Read more